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    "A prosperity built on the basis of agriculture is that which is most desirable to us, because to the efforts of labor it adds the efforts of a greater proportion of soil."  --Thomas Jefferson: Circular to Consuls, 1792.

As an agricultural consultant and educator, I provide advice on the use and management of agricultural land and the crops grown on the land.

Key tasks include:
•visiting farms to scout and collect data on diseases, insects and weeds.
•analyzing and interpreting data and soil tests and recommend actions;
•conducting demonstrations;
•making presentations;
•preparing reports for each grower;
•developing and maintaining a set of client contacts;
•keeping clientele informed of the latest technologies.
•attending conferences and meetings to maintain competance.

Consultation visits to the farms requires a substantial amount of travel, that is reimbursed by the clientele. The working week is from Monday to Friday, although sometimes Saturdays are a necessity. Crops that we work with: Strawberry, Lettuce, Pepper, Tomato, Melons, Watermelon.


An important ingredient for Vegetable production - a good sprayer 

The timing of fungicide and insecticide sprays is critical in achieving economic pest control. Having the right type of sprayer to apply these pesticides is also critical to success.